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We’ve got baby Hedgehogs at Park Bottom B&B

We’ve got baby Hedgehogs at Park Bottom B&B

Early on the morning of 22nd June 2020 we were having breakfast and suddenly Mrs Hedgehog trots by the patio doors carrying nest making material and goes into the bush at the side of the house. After watching her go backwards and forwards for a while she disappeared into the bush.

We then didn’t see her much for the next few weeks until around 6th July when she walked boldly by the lounge patio doors right in front of Ronnie’s nose (our Border Collie dog). Ronnie was not impressed that Mrs Hedgehog was in HER garden, how dare she!!!! From then onwards we would regularly see her emerging from her house and walking along the patio around 4/5pm every afternoon; much to the delight of our B&B guests who were enjoying their tea & cake on their arrival…  

Phillip noticed that Mrs Hedgehog was having a bit of trouble getting down the steps onto the lawn so he built her a ramp and he was very pleased to see her using it the very next day.

From around 18th July Ronnie kept sniffing the vent in our lounge which goes into Mrs Hedgehog’s house and then on 22nd July chirping noises were heard and we went out to investigate to be greeted with baby hedgehogs!! We were very proud to announce that there were 5 baby hedgehogs in our garden. 

At the time of writing this all are doing well and all look very healthy. Unfortunately their moving around and chirping is driving Ronnie mad, she is constantly on high alert. We can’t wait to see her face when all 5 trot by the patio doors and down the ramp.

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